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Imprints: The Films of Louise Bourque

Imprints: The Films of Louise Bourque

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Imprints is a collection of essays, interviews, ephemera, and personal reflections that chart Louise Bourque’s life and work. Since 1989, Bourque has made a significant mark on Canadian experimental cinema. Her works often involve the physical manipulation of emulsion, with the content of the work stemming from a different type of imprint, namely, that of memory and trauma, and her aesthetics are imprinted on the work of contemporary filmmakers dealing with memorial processes and abstract imagery.

Stephen Broomer, Clint Enns

Stephen Broomer, Nathan Lee, Michael Sicinski, André Habib, Sébastien Ronceray, César Ustarroz, Patricia MacGeachy, José Sarmiento-Hinojosa, Scott Birdwise, Dorottya Szalay, Brian Wilson, Micah J. Malone, Todd Fraser, Mike Hoolboom, Guillaume Vallée, Herménégilde Chiasson, Amanda Dawn Christie, Clint Enns

Published 2021, Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa. 210 pages.

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