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Josephine Massarella: Green Dreams

Josephine Massarella: Green Dreams

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The films of Josephine Massarella cover a vast territory, from durational, performance-focused films that bridge everyday experiences with ritual and symbol, to aesthetic transformations of landscape and wilderness through the eye of the camera.

This comprehensive collection covers her origins as a student filmmaker at University of British Columbia in the early 1980s, her maturation as an artist concerned with figure and landscape, and her triumphant return to filmmaking in the 2010s. Massarella's ecstatic, poetic, ecofeminist cinema explores the relationship between figure and setting, between word and image, between material fact and evanescent experience.

First pressing, limited edition of 1000.

1984-2017 / 100 minutes


  • One Woman Waiting (1984)
  • No. 5 Reversal (1989)
  • Interference (1991)
  • Green Dream (1994)
  • Night Stream (1996)
  • Light Study (2013)
  • No End (2015)
  • 165708 (2017)


  • Newly restored 4K digital masters, approved by the estate of Josephine Massarella

  • Individual commentaries on each film by an international selection of film critics, artists, filmmakers, and poets: Madeleine Wall, Irene Bindi, Cristina Álvarez López, Stephen Broomer, Cayley James, Elena Duque, Jacqueline Valencia, and Christine Lucy Latimer.

  • Four early films by Josephine Massarella

    • A Different Perspective
    • Doctor Knows Best
    • Stop Buying Grapes
    • It's a Cold City for Street Artists
  • What If, an archival interview with Josephine Massarella

  • Josie's Archive, an overview of Massarella's film elements and the restoration process by preservationist Stephen Broomer

  • Josephine Massarella: One Woman Walking, a survey of Massarella's films

  • Liner notes by Massarella and film critic Ela Bittencourt

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